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Sundance Film Festival 2022 - World Cinema Documentary Competition


Göteborg Film Festival 2022 - Nordic Documentary Competition

Docs Against gravity 2022

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2022

Luxembourg City Film Festival 2022

Docville Film Festival 2022

Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret 2022

Beldocs 2022

Panorama of the European Film, Egypt

Docpoint Tallin 2023


After receiving an email from God, four teenagers are sent to the other side of the world in an attempt to convert Europe's most non-religious people - the Finns - to their religion.

director, writer: Tania Anderson

producers: Isabella Karhu, Juho-Pekka Tanskanen

cinematography: Antti Savolainen

editing: Suvi Solja

sound recordist: Ilkka Kunttu

with support of: The Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, AVEK, SWR ARTE, Moin Film fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, NRK, Al Jazeera & 

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Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus

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