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Love affairs, friendships, and the police on his heels. One of Europe’s young homeless men lets us into his life on Barcelona’s streets.

AVAILABLE ON                            THROUGHOUT EUROPE!

JUSSI AWARD NOMINEE 2019 - Best Documentary Feature

CPH:DOX 2018 - Nominee: The Best Nordic Documentary Film


HS: ★★★★ -  EPISODI: ★★★★ -  IS: ★★★★ -  APU: ★★★★ - JY: ★★★★

"Cinema at its best" (APU)

"Reminds us of The Clockwork Orange & One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest" (IS)

"A beautiful new generation's documentary film, which shows where Finnish film art is going to" (HS)

"Haunting experience..[..] Waiting for Barcelona is a mirror of our times" (Karjalainen)








CPH:DOX 2018 - nominee for the best nordic documentary of the year

MIASTOmovie 2018 - The Opening Film of the Festival

European Film Weeks 2019 - Finland's representative

BelDocs 2019

Crossing Europe - European Panorama

Maine International Film Festival 2018

Love & Anarchy - Helsinki International Film Festival

CEME DOC - official competition

The Cinematheque - The frames of mind

Diritti Umani Lugano Film Festival

Atlantidà Film Fest 2018 - Official Competition

IHRFFA - Human Rights Film Festial Albania

Rokumentti Film Festival

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

Koulukino 2019

Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam 2019

director, writer: Juho-Pekka Tanskanen

producer: Isabella Karhu

cinematography: Jeremias Nieminen

editing: Suvi Solja, Juho-Pekka Tanskanen

sound design: Toivo Kallio

music: Erik Michelsen

with support of: The Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, AVEK, KMS, TAIKE


International sales:


Syndicado Film Sales -

Theatre distribution in Finland:

Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus

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